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    Oh smile欧思迈尔隶属于上海圣德人力资源管理有限公司是一家专业从事全国性人力资源服务的品牌供应商。我们提供全方位的人力资源服务项目,为客户提供整体人力资源解决方案,包括基础人事业务外包服务、人才派遣、员工福利保障计划及人力资源管理咨询服务。Oh smile欧思迈尔专注于帮助客户提升企业人力资本价值,为客户节省大量因事务性工作产生的时Ohsmile欧思迈尔关于我们间成本、人力成本、及财务资源,最终使客户达成商业目标和人力资源目标,同时提升其竞争力。

    Oh smile欧思迈尔为客户提供全国一站式解决方案,服务地区涉及全国158个大中小城市,主要覆盖国内一、二级城市,华东省内已覆盖到地级市。广泛的地区分布,保障了企业不断增长的业务需求。

    Oh smile欧思迈尔始终在运营中坚持“信、爱、望”三德的企业文化理念,诚信服务客户、关爱员工、卓望和谐社会,努力追求客户、员工、社会价值的统一,是企业最值得信赖的人力资源战略合作伙伴。

    OH Smile is a professional provider of national HR outsourcing service .we provide all-wave HR service item and Provide HR total solution for customers. it include HR outsourcing ,talent dispatch, the welfare plan and the HR consulting service .oh smile concentrate on Promoting  the human capital valu and save all the time cost and human cost and the financial resources created by many Routine work, Ultimately enable customers to achieve business goals and human resource management at the same time it can promote the competitive power of the enterprise .

    Oh smile  provide one-stop solution for customers , service area relates to the national 158 big small and medium-sized city, covering the main domestic one or two province city, East of the China has been covered by the prefecture-level city. The geographical distribution of a wide range protect the enterprise growing business needs.

    Oh smile always insists on the concept of "faith, hope, love" we give the service to customers with integrity, we care about of the staff, we expect the harmonious society, we seek the unity of the unity of customers, employees, social values, we are  the most trusted human resources strategic partnership for the enterprise

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